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Are you facing an IT infrastructure upgrade or replacement, which means you have to get rid of used IT equipment? Kimbrer Computer has more than 25 years of experience in the acquisition and professional handling of used and surplus IT equipment that are fully operational but no longer meets the company’s requirements.

We source small and large quantities of used IT for the purpose of refurbishment and resale and offer a fair market value on a wide range of servers, storage and networking hardware from leading manufacturers such as, Lenovo, HP, NetApp, EMC, Cisco, Supermicro and more.


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Submit a query with a brief description and a list of the equipment you want to sell. Please inform product and/or serial number, condition, quantity and date of purchase. One of our product specialists will contact you shortly and guide you and your company through the entire process.



We offer a free and non-binding offer for a wide range of used servers, storage and networking equipment from IBM, Lenovo, Dell, EMC, HP, NetApp, Cisco and Supermicro. The price offered is based on the true information provided at the time of valuation, and the equipment is assessed on the basis of market value, condition, age and model.



We take care of the transport of the equipment, which will be delivered for safe storage at Kimbrer Computer’s warehouse. Our logistics team has full access and is very acknowledgeable in the services of major and trusted carriers such as FedEx, TNT and UPS and other freight forwarders.



Once received, Kimbrer Computer execute a fixed procedure that ensures an optimal process for the safe handling of your company’s IT equipment. All equipment is registered and thoroughly inspected and tested by a certified technician to verify its cosmetic condition and functionality.


Data destruction

We ensure that all sensitive data stored is permanently eradicated in accordance with the rules in force, including the NIST 800-88r1 "Purge" data wiping standard. After erasing the data, a detailed data wiping report will be generated for each unit erased to ensure that the process has been completed successfully.



We pay you directly and quickly by wire transfer or with hardware credit that can be used toward any future purchase at Kimbrer Computer. The process is completed, and you have now got the most value from your unwanted IT equipment.

Good for you.
Good for the environment

Data security

Data security

Dealing with confidential information is a big challenge for companies who are looking to get rid of used IT. Kimbrer Computer provides secure and safe data destruction of used IT assets, including servers, hard drives, storage and networking equipment, which means that all sensitive data stored is erased with certified data erasure software.

Sustainable IT

Sustainable IT

With a strong focus on circular economy and value recovery, Kimbrer Computer extends the life of used servers, storage and networking equipment—products that all too often ends up as e-waste in landfills before their full potential is utilized. This is our way to ensure a green and sustainable development—for the benefit of both the environment and your bottom line.

Professional handling

Professional handling

With over 25 years of experience in buying used enterprise IT equipment from businesses all over the world, Kimbrer Computer ensures a fast and effective turnaround time—from assessment to final payment—without compromising quality. We help you through the entire process and guarantee that your equipment will be properly handled by professionals.

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