Dell storage servers save time and money by securing information and files and making them accessible to those who need them to do their jobs. Dell storage servers are ideal for a data center. You use a modern software architecture with innovative tools for efficient use of the data. With the Dell storage servers you can create a Dell Storage Area Network (SAN) that can be adapted to individual needs with virtual data and scalable servers. The rack servers in particular are flexible because their size and performance can be retrofitted quickly and easily. A connection to the Dell Storage Area Network, or simply Dell SAN, with fiber channels guarantees high data transfer speeds. But not only the speed of data transfer is increased, applications also run faster and more reliably. This also and especially applies when the Dell SAN itself grows in size or the volume of data increases or the applications increase in complexity. With the built-in features, large amounts of data can be easily handled in order to keep the costs for the buyer low. In this way, duplicate files are combined, stored data is compressed and different data is controlled with different series of application programs in the respectively optimized mode. The Dell Storage Area Networks are of course delivered with the latest Storage Center Operating System. Thanks to the modular design, the Dell SAN is not only scalable, but can also be renewed piece by piece as development progresses.

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