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Dell Server Configurator

At Kimbrer Computer, you can customize your own server with our Dell server configurator. You can choose exactly which server parts you want to be integrated into your new system, for instance, you can choose the CPU or memory.


Our Dell server configurator is easy to use, but should you have any questions about which hardware would be the best choice for your needs, then you are always welcome to reach out to our support.


All of the components that are used to build your Dell server have been refurbished, this means that they have previously been used in other systems. But because they have been refurbished they have been returned to as close to factory condition as possible.


Hardware has a much longer lifespan than most people realize. But many companies from small businesses to large enterprises have catched on, and are using our refurbished hardware to gain a competitive advantage by lowering their IT expenses.


Customized Dell server

You will significantly reduce your environmental impact on your IT purchases, when you choose to purchase a customized Dell server from Kimbrer.


  • Your customized Dell server will be built by a team of certified technicians
  • All of the parts will be compatible.
  • The server will be shipped to your location.


Kimbrer Computer is a trusted and global supplier of refurbished customized Dell servers with customers in more than 80 countries. Use our Dell server configurator, and order your server today, and join the ranks of the leading companies in corporate sustainable development.


Scalable and Cost-effective IT infrastructure

One of the major benefits of having your own customized Dell Server is that it is scalable and cost-effective. You will be able to maintain, replace, and upgrade your server at your own pace. When your company needs more server capacity, you will simply be able to order new parts, and if you choose to order from Kimbrer again, then you will also save on your overall costs, since our hardware is refurbished, and, therefore, up to 80% cheaper than new parts.



Dell is a very popular brand, which is why many companies use it in their IT environment, and there are many reasons why you also should choose to use a Dell server, for instance;


  • We always have a large selection of refurbished Dell components in stock. 
  • It is easy to maintain, replace, and upgrade your server with our Dell components.
  • Dell has been a trusted and reliable brand since 1984.


10 advantages of customizing your own Dell server for your business


  1. You can customize the Dell server according to your needs.
  2. You can choose among refurbished Dell hardware components that are up to 80% cheaper than new ones.
  3. All of our components are in stock, and ready to be used.
  4. It will be easy to integrate the server into your current IT environment.
  5. Having your own server will allow you to have remote access to your data 24/7.
  6. You will have a centralized location for all of your files, which will increase the success of collaboration between your employees.
  7. A centralized location will reduce the amount of software licenses you need, which will lower your overall expenses.
  8. Individual employees can be granted access to specific data on the server.
  9. An in-house server will decrease the likelihood of being the victim of hackers, since you won’t have your server located in a big server farm that hosts data from many other companies.
  10. Finally, having your own Dell server will give you full control of your data, and you won’t need to rely on others to store it for you.

Quick and safe delivery

We have a global professional logistics network that will quickly and safely deliver your server(s) at your address. We deliver to almost anywhere on the planet, because we believe that everyone regardless of cultural background has the right to technological development.

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