Lenovo Tower Server

If you're running a small to medium-sized business and in the market for a customized Lenovo Tower server, then you've landed in the right spot. Here at Kimbrer, we've designed a user-friendly configurator that simplifies the process of picking only the compatible hardware parts for a specific server. 
All of the hardware in the server will be made by using refurbished hardware. Refurbished hardware is just as good as factory new hardware, and we always make sure that they have been thoroughly tested before they are used as a component in one of our customized Lenovo ThinkSystem servers
For example, you have the option to select the server frame, the processor, the data storage controller, or the network interface card. If this is your first time doing this, don't stress. The selection tool makes sure you only pick parts that match your server. 
Go ahead and play around with our Lenovo Tower server configuration tool until you've built a server that meets your needs and fits within your budget. We'll put together and test your server in 1-2 business days, then send it anywhere in the world. If you're in the EU, you should have your Lenovo Tower server in your hands in 3-5 business days. Deliveries outside the EU might take a bit more time. 
One of the main benefits of a Lenovo Tower server built with renewed parts is its affordability. It's a lot cheaper than buying a brand-new server, providing savings that help you stay competitive. 
Scalability is another plus. As your business expands, you'll need your server to keep up. When that time arrives, our Parts Guide is ready to assist, helping you select hardware that's compatible with your Lenovo server model. With Kimbrer, you're not just getting a cost-effective server, but also a solution you can upgrade, saving you lots of time in research. 
If you're unsure about the dependability of renewed hardware, know that each piece is fully tested by our certified tech experts. Often, refurbished hardware can last just as long as new parts. Choosing refurbished Lenovo components like memory, processors, and power supplies can lead to notable cost reductions. 
We stand behind our configured Lenovo Towers servers with a 3-year warranty. If any part fails, we'll replace it within 1-2 business days for deliveries within the EU. Replacements for deliveries outside the EU might take a bit more time.
Our Lenovo Tower servers are a hit with small to medium-sized businesses due to their compact and space-saving design. They can conveniently tuck into an office corner or a small server room. A dedicated server provides easy access to local files and can function as a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). 
Buying used Lenovo parts can also help reduce your company's electronic waste, reinforcing your broader corporate sustainability goals. A custom-built Lenovo Tower server from refurbished hardware is not just friendly on your budget, but it's also eco-friendly, a core value in our business. 
Our commitment to the environment drives us to infuse our industry with a touch of green. From our base on the historic Jutland Peninsula, we're inspired by the expansive travels of the ancient Cimbri tribe. 
Just as they traveled far and wide, we too send refurbished hardware to all corners of the world. Each piece of hardware that our team revives not only embarks on a new phase of its life but also stands as a symbol of sustainability in our industry. 
Embark on this journey with us. Choose a Lenovo server model below, begin setting up your Lenovo Tower server, and become a member of the Cimbri tribe (Kimbrerne) today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about refurbished Lenovo Tower servers:


What is a Lenovo Tower server? 

Lenovo ThinkSystem Tower servers are standalone servers built for small to medium-sized businesses. They're packed with enterprise-level features, scalable, and have built-in management tools to make your life easier. 

Can I customize a refurbished Lenovo Tower server to fit my business? 

Yes, indeed! Our online configuration tool is easy to use and lets you customize refurbished Lenovo Tower servers to get the best performance for your specific workloads. 

What kind of savings can I expect with a refurbished Lenovo Tower server? 

The amount you save will depend on the specific model and configuration, but refurbished servers are generally a lot cheaper than new ones, all while delivering top-notch performance.

Can I upgrade or add to a refurbished Lenovo Tower server down the line?

Absolutely. Our refurbished Lenovo ThinkSystem Tower server models are scalable, so you can add more memory, storage, and processing power as your business grows or changes. 

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