Corporate sustainability

At Kimbrer Computer, sustainability has always been at the very heart of our business. Our core business, selling used and refurbished hardware, is simply as sustainable as IT gets. This means, what we do can be an important key for our customers to reduce the negative impact of digital infrastructure.

 Business model and
strategic ambition


Our core business is buying and selling used and refurbished IT hardware. Products are bought, dismantled, and picked up from enterprises and professional sellers. Upon the hardware's arrival at the Kimbrer Computer warehouse, all data is securely deleted from devices, tests conducted, and individual parts prepared for recycling or refurbishment. On average, 96% of parts are reused and resold on the global market.

It is our strategic ambition to become the world's best warehouse for used and refurbished hardware. Not the world's biggest, but the world's best measured in terms of quality, customer satisfaction, and financial performance.


Sustainability highlights from 2021


First carbon
accounting report.



Of business ISO 14001 and
ISO 9001 certified.



Tons of CO2 saved for



Reduction in CO2
emissions compared to 2020.

Sustainability / ESG reports

Sustainability reportSustainability report

In 2021, we published our first report on sustainability. Among our initiatives from 2021, our first comprehensive carbon footprint report stands out. So does our new CO2 calculator, based on so-called lifecycle assessment, where we and our customers can get an idea of the climate impact of sourcing decisions. Thirdly, 2021 was the year where we obtained the reputable ISO 14001 certification as a testament to our work in the area.


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